Uncover the Myths Behind Hearing Aids With Your Redding Audiologist

Uncover the Myths Behind Hearing Aids With Your Redding Audiologist

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Resound-alera-small-wireless-digital-hearing-aidHearing aids are meant to help those who are experiencing hearing loss, to improve their quality of life and decrease the day-to-day challenges that come with being hard of hearing, and yet people often have a negative impression about these devices. Over the years, many have developed false or outdated beliefs about hearing aids, making them shy away from a solution that could make a big difference in their health and happiness. We’re here to help you learn the facts before you jump to the conclusion that getting hearing aids in Redding isn’t for you.

Myth #1: Hearing Aids Are Big, Bulky, Ugly and Uncomfortable

While this may have been a truth several years ago, hearing aids have come a long way in size, design and comfort. You may not have ever been able to get away with hiding hearing aids before, but now, compact models make it easy to be discreet and fit them right inside your ear canal or behind the ear so that no one will be the wiser. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from, helping to get rid of the notion that all hearing devices are brown, plastic and unappealing. Increased comfort is also taken into consideration in the development of hearing aids, which is why many are tailor-made to fit the patient by creating a custom mold.

Myth #2: Purchasing Hearing Aids Online is a Sufficient Solution

If you research hearing aids at all, there’s a good chance you’ll see several options to buy online. It might be tempting to go this route, thinking you’ll save yourself time and money, but the reality is that hearing aids bought online without the consultation of your audiologist won’t be adjusted to fit your ear or set specifically to accommodate your unique hearing problem. In addition, they won’t be covered by warranty or eligible for follow-up care with your healthcare professional.

Myth #3: Hearing Aids Are Only Beneficial For Those With Severe Hearing Loss

Another inaccurate assumption is that hearing aids are only beneficial to patients with severe hearing loss. The truth is that even mild cases of hearing loss can be greatly improved with hearing aids. At the first sign of hearing loss, it’s important to be checked out by an audiologist who has experience and knowledge assessing exactly what patients need in order to correct a hearing issue, and if that involves hearing aids, it’s best to take their advice rather than try and just live with the problem.

Myth #4: Wearing Hearing Aids Will Present New Problems

Sometimes, people are hesitant to get hearing aids because they think it will bring a whole new onset of problems into their lives. They’re afraid that the technology will be too complicated to figure out, or that background noises will become too loud or that frequent whistling will occur. You will find that each of these are unwarranted concerns since technology in digital devices have become easily manageable to operate, also making it simple to adjust for differing noise levels and cut out the whistling.

It’s always a good idea to have your hearing aid questions addressed directly by a professional to avoid future misconceptions. Uncover the myths about getting hearing aids in Redding so that you can make an informed decision on treatment.