Audiologist for Hearing Testing in Redding, California

hearing-testingIt is no surprise to learn that life exposes us to sounds at all levels. Over time, sounds that are louder than 85 decibels can lead to potential hearing loss. Now is the time to take simple steps to protect your hearing and prevent future damage. Noise-induced hearing loss can result from a one-time exposure to a very loud sound, or from listening to loud sounds over an extended period. In most cases, damage to your hearing occurs gradually. That’s why hearing testing is necessary. At Angela Battini, M.S. Audiology, we offer high quality hearing services for the whole family.

About Hearing Testing

People of all ages—from babies to grandparents—suffer from hearing loss. If you notice buzzing, ringing, or chirping sounds in your ears; have vertigo problems; or keep asking people to repeat themselves or turn up the volume, you could be experiencing some form of hearing loss. In children, hearing loss can be indicated by delayed speech development, a lack of response when you talk to them, or complaints of ear pain or head noises. It’s never too early for pediatric hearing testing and never too late for adult hearing testing. At Angela Batini’s office, you’ll receive a thorough hearing evaluation, after which you will be given a recommendation on the proper hearing aids or protection.

Why Hearing Tests Are Necessary

We are committed to helping those in the community correct their hearing challenges and prevent further damage while also continuing to spread the word about the importance of starting to have your hearing screened at a young age. We all value our hearing, no matter how old we are, so it’s best to seek out an audiology specialist before signs of hearing loss become evident so that a protection plan can be put into practice.

About Angela Batini, M.S.

Angela Batini is a northern California native, having grown up in Arcata. She obtained her audiology degree in Sacramento at CSU and subsequently opened her practice in Redding in 1991. Since then, she has been servicing patients in the Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, Red Bluff, and Mount Shasta areas. At Angela’s office, we have access to advanced equipment and services, such as videonystagmography (VNG), diagnostic hearing testing, and hearing aid selection. Many clients attest to the quality service and improved hearing they’ve experienced as a result of coming to our office.

Angela Batini, M.S. Audiology provides both adult and pediatric hearing testing. Find out how you can start improving you or your child’s quality of life. Give us a call to schedule your evaluation today!