Audiologist for Hearing Aids, Protection, Loss and Tests in Mount Shasta, California

Audiologist for Hearing in Mount-shasta, CAHearing loss affects about 20 percent of the American population and, after arthritis and heart disease, is the third most prevalent health problem in the United States. Hearing loss can affect anyone from infants to grandparents. Fortunately, Angela Batini, M.S. Audiology specializes in solving hearing problems of every kind. When you’re suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus or vertigo, it’s good to know that there’s an audiology specialist for Mount Shasta residents.

Get Regular Hearing Screenings

At Angela Batini, M.S. Audiology, we offer a full spectrum of hearing services. Hearing testing should be done on a regular basis, starting from infancy and continuing on throughout life. It’s never too soon to have your hearing symptoms properly diagnosed. Hearing loss can bring frustration, anxiety, and communication problems into the lives of the sufferers and those around them. Studies also show that income decreases with the increase in hearing loss.

Hearing Problems We Treat

Hearing loss isn’t the only situation that we address. Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears, and vertigo, also known as dizziness, are two other common hearing problems. If you’re hearing any buzzing, ringing, or chirping sounds in your ears even when you’re in a quiet environment, it’s time to see an audiology specialist. While tinnitus may not be a serious issue, it can signify early hearing loss, a circulatory system disorder, or an ear injury. Early treatment can allay both the annoyance and the underlying causes. Vertigo is the sensation of spinning, tilting, swaying, or being pulled to one direction and causes loss of balance. It can signify inner ear problems or brain problems (such as a tumor or a stroke).

At Angela Batini, M.S. Audiology, we’re committed to giving you the opportunity to enjoy a greater quality of life. We use the latest in technology and research to accomplish that purpose. Our state-of-the-art hearing aids and hearing protection solutions are designed to bring your hearing to a better level. When you’re looking for an audiology professional in Mount Shasta, call us. We’d be happy to evaluate your situation and start you on the path to a better life—and possibly, a higher income.